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Your car is an essential part of everyday life and we think finding the right match is just as important as finding the right romantic partner. In fact, your car might even be more important as some of us spend more time with our car than our partner, and we definitely have less arguments!

Ignite is designed to help you find your perfect match, whether you’ve got a particular body shape, attitude or appetite for miles in mind. We’ll pair you with cars that you love and then if you want to find out more details or even meet one of them, we can hook you up.

The greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in.

Who are you?

Ignite is a part of the Wessex Fleet family along with Car Lease Special Offers. We’re the youngest of the family, and we like to think we’re the most fun but you can take a look at the others and see if you agree.


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If you have any questions about us check out the FAQs page or you can always slide into our dms and ask.


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